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Inheritance Management

Giving An Inheritance

Give an inheritance that is a blessing, not a curse. Prepare your loved ones who are receiving your inheritance.

Getting An Inheritance

Receiving an inheritance can be completely life-changing. Certain decisions can cause an inheritance to disappear and lead to deeper financial issues.

The Draper Group Financial Coaching
The Draper Group Financial Coaching
The Draper Group Financial Coaching
Use this Opportunity

Whether you are giving or receiving an inheritance, a door has opened up for you.

With the right planning and a positive money relationship, you will feel confident handling this transition in your life.

Set up a consultation with Jen today to make the most out of this incredible opportunity.

What Our Clients Say
I've heard a thousand times that I have a poverty mindset, but it just takes that one time, that one moment, for it to really click. You did that for me and my life is changing drastically because of it.

– Valerie O.

What we love about working with Jen is that she gives us trustworthy, specific advice tailored to our individual situation.

– Cheyenne L.

Jen is accountable to the decisions that we make while helping us make financial choices that align with what truly matters most to us.

– Cory C.

Jen laid out our options, refers us to the best people to build out our financial team and helps us see how the action items we have at the end of each call, fit into the big picture.

– Audrey K.

We've found her coaching an invaluable component in creating a life that serves us, our family, and sets us up for long-term financial resilience.

– Sarah M.

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